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Building An Equitable Workplace for All

"At Behavior Genius, we believe that everyone has the right to have equal opportunities to be heard and seen, to grow, and to be celebrated for their contributions. As a team, we acknowledge cultural and neurological differences and we understand that it is in fact those differences that make way for our massive vision. Therefore, our differences should not only be respected or accepted, but they should also be encouraged and embraced by every member of our team. Building an equitable workplace is not a passive act. It is one that we are committed to being intentional about in every interaction that we have with other members of our team." -Portia James, Founder/CEO

Our Diversity Statement

The ultimate win for any company is to create a safe and empowering workplace that raises empowered people. One that breeds other leaders. One that sees to it that every person impacted by the company has a seat at the table. 

Diversity is not about having tolerance, mercy or grace for another person. It is about truly embracing our differences and acknowledging what incredible insights those differences bring to the table. At Behavior Genius, we have resolved to lay authenticity as the foundation on which our culture stands firmly. We will continue to raise the bar in the name of diversity for our staff and for the families that we serve. And as a team, we celebrate the freedom that we have to do so.

DIVE: DEI at Behavior Genius®

At Behavior Genius®, we are intentional about DEI. Our DIVE Initiative was designed with our community in mind. D.I.V.E. is an acronym for Diversity, Inclusion, Visibility, and Equity. These 4 words sum up an actionable and scalable DEI Philosophy within our organization that we hope resonates with every person who brushes across our path.


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