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Seven Management Behaviors That Erode Employee Morale

In this rapidly changing technological landscape, it has become increasingly important to redefine how managers lead. Bad managers can cost the economy a staggering $398 billion annually, according to Gallup. According to another Gallup study of more than 7,000 U.S. adults, one in two people cited leaving their jobs because of a poor relationship with their manager.

Culture, Leadership, Performance: How Are They Linked?

Resistance to change is a normal response because what we are doing is based on past success, so why should we change what has worked in the past? The only way you can convince me to change is to show me that the old behavior no longer produces results and show me what new behavior would work better. You have to convince me that there is a business problem and show me how the new behavior that you are demanding will fix the problem and then provide me with the resources, and training in the new behavior and give me new incentives to learn it.

Mindset Matters: Strategies For Being A Great Leader In The Era Of Autism

Corporate leaders need to make a pivot and examine the role of leadership and what characteristics are important in enhancing neurodivergent employees to create a culture of success. Howard Gardner, the Harvard professor, and developmental psychologist offers an intriguing approach in his book 5 Minds for the Future where he explores the idea that people need to focus on five characteristics of the mind that will be important to handle the challenges of the 21st century.

"You Can't Teach Passion"

Effective Leadership Strategies for Improving Staff Performance

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