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Why are most child geniuses mathematicians or scientists but not social scientists?

The term "Genius" usually applies to visual spatial pattern recognition abilities measured by an IQ test. This is based on hard facts, reasoning, and falsifiable information (e.g., science and math); However, the type of reasoning in social science is more people-focused and is impossible to prove. It requires accurate interpretation if complex emotional states which individuals with a higher IQ tend to be incapable of accessing. The higher a person's IQ is, the more difficulty they will have comprehending the emotional aspects of reasoning. Social science requires a mix of both logical and emotional thinking.

Yahudi King, former PhD researcher at Swansea University, 2017

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At Behavior Genius LLC, we believe that it is every child's birthright to thrive within their community, to grow up alongside other children who are like them, and to collect meaningful experiences that will shape who they will become for the better. That is the world that we strive to create through Social iCUE.

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